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Chui Chui
(Cooked using Thai Soy Sauce, Fresh Ginger, Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Red Onions. Slightly Spicy)

Seafood Combination£13.95
(Scallops, King Prawns & Squid)
King Prawns Chui Chui £12.50
Fillet Beef Chui Chui £15.95
Lamb Chui Chui £11.95
Chicken Chui Chui £10.95
Beef Chui Chui £10.95
Char Siu Chui Chui£10.95
(Roast Pork)

(Sweet & Chilli Sauce with Onions, Straw Mushrooms, Baby Corn, Green Peppers, Pineapple & Courgettes)

Seafood Combination Pattaya£13.95
King Prawns Pattaya £12.50
Fillet Beef Pattaya £15.95
Lamb Pattaya £11.95
Chicken Pattaya £10.95
Beef Pattaya £10.95
Char Siu Pattaya£10.95
(Roast Pork)
Mixed Meat Combination£10.95
(Chicken, Pork & Beef)

Morning Glory
(Cooked with Fresh Hot Chilli, Fine Green Beans, Babycorn, Onions and Straw Mushrooms)

Seafood Combination Morning Glory£13.95
(Scallops, King Prawns & Squid)
King Prawns Morning Glory £12.50
Fillet Beef Morning Glory £15.95
Lamb Morning Glory £11.95
Chicken Morning Glory £10.95
Beef Morning Glory £10.95
Char Siu Morning Glory£10.95
(Roast Pork)
Mixed Meat Combination£10.95
(Chicken, Pork & Beef)

Thai Curry
(With Onions, Courgettes, Peppers & Pineapple, Infused with Coconut Milk)

King Prawns Thai Curry £12.50
Fillet Beef Thai Curry £15.95
Duck Thai Curry£12.50
Lamb Thai Curry £11.95
Chicken Thai Curry £10.95
Beef Thai Curry £10.95
Pork Thai Curry £10.95

Please note - all meals exclude rice or chips


Spicy - This dish could be spicy
Contains Nuts - This dish contains nuts
Vegetarian Option - Vegetarian option

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